How to Book Cheap Flights for South America?

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How to Book Cheap Flights for South America

Have you ever traveled to South America? If so, you must be knowing that flights to the place are on the higher side.

Many people are quite unaware of the fact that South America, despite being an overall budget-friendly destination, the flights are quite expensive. There are low-cost carriers in the region but you cannot compare the fares of RyanAir or AirAsia prices while flying from one country to the other. There are chances that you come across a mistake fare but chances are low as they come mostly from the USA.

If the expensive flights to South is preventing you from making travel plans to this continent,

Here are few simple ways that you can follow to book cheap flights to South America?

Locate the low-budget airlines that covers your destination(s)

The trick to book and get cheap flights to America is identifying the airlines that fly on a low-budget covering your destination. You can look for budget airlines country wise as it will be easy for you to find them when you know beforehand what you are looking for. Some of the major global airlines that fly to South America are TAME, LAN and Avianca. There are also very few low-cost carriers that operate international flights traveling to South America .These airlines include Viva Colombia (to/from U.S.), Spirit Airlines , Santa Barbara Airlines (to/from U.S.) and Surinam Airways (traveling to Europe).

Search flights on a bigger search engine


You can look for flights in search engines that perform searches on a large scale. Skyscanner is one such site that is recommended for searching cheap flights. You can find budget airlines in this site as it performs a comprehensive search. You can also get other flight-booking tricks here.

Choose the reasonable dates to fly

You should always plan to travel on the cheapest flight dates and also plan your travel itinerary accordingly as the price of flights vary from time to time and can change within a single month. You can check the flight prices of the entire month in Skyscanner by choosing “Entire month” located below the date box. This way you can also come across mistake fares.

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Avail a credit card and avail huge bonus points for South America

Flights Credit Card

Another technique to book a cheap flight is to register your account for a travel rewards credit card. It is one of the simple ways to make most of the payment of your flight. You can avail huge bonus points by signing up a credit card and crossing the minimum limit to be spend. By signing up for a credit card, you also get the facility to redeem your points for traveling in flights with the airlines that operate in South America.

Keep a track of the budget airlines

You can keep a record of the social media page or e-newsletters of budget airlines that serve your chosen destination(s) and plan your trip accordingly.

Try to get an air pass or your South America travel

Availing airline coupons is another trick to obtain reasonable flights within the boundary of South America. But the problem lies in the fact that there are very few of them. You should keep in mind that you can only avail air passes for South America when you choose to fly within the continent or country on the same airlines. You should keep this in mind while booking your flights to any South American destination.

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