Unique things that you can buy in London only!

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From authentic British souvenirs to gift for you loved ones, a trip to London can’t be completed without shopping. If you are flying to London for the first time, you must have some questions. “What are the best things that I can buy in London?” “What can I purchase in London that is truly unique?” You must have been finding answers to these questions. Before getting the answer, one thing that you should keep in mind is that there is no better choice for you than Delta Airlines book a flight for traveling to London.

Taking unique gifts home that you can only purchase in London will remind you of the trip for many years. There is no shortage of nice, beautiful, and even things that you can take home. Make sure to purchase the right souvenirs to cherish London memories forever. To make your shopping spree a bit easier and wonderful, here we are mentioning the list of exclusive London purchases.

An Oyster Card

An Oyster Card is exciting and quirky at the same time. Chances are very high that you are going to buy one of these while you are in London. It is a great souvenir to take as these are made only in London. They are iconic and are being used widely with the passing time. Once you buy this, it will always remind you of the time that you have spent in London. You can visit the Britain shop to get a Visitor Oyster Card. It is one of the best things to purchase in this charming city.

London Gin

Hunting for the right thing to buy in London? Well, you must have heard about the London Gin. Londoners love their gin and you would not be able to get a better souvenir than this. This micro distillery’s gin will always remind you of your trip to this gorgeous city. Multiple distilleries are available to explore in London; some can be found in the heart of the city while others are a bit outside. Some of the best places to indulge in Perfume shopping are-

Perfume Factory
City of London Dry Gin
Bimber London Dry Gin

Teapots and cups

As everyone knows, Londoners love their tea and so do their cutlery. Afternoon tea of London is very well-known so why not make one at home in the traditional tea set from London. Get a traditional and antique tea set from London and have a royal tea party at home. Some of the places where you can for teapot shopping are mentioned below.

John Lewis for nicely designed and good quality teapots at reasonable fares
Harrods for the designer or high-quality teapots
Get a set from one of the stores like Whittards

Visitors can head to museums to buy one of the unique tea set.

A hat from Lock & Co.

Now, you must be thinking that why should buy a hat specifically from Lock & Co.? well, there is a reason. Lock & Co. is the oldest shop for purchasing hats around the world. History is involved in this shop, which makes it even more special. It is said that memorable Mad Hatter’s character was inspired by the manager of this shop. I guess, this reason is enough to make you purchase a hat from this shop.

Art and craft

Art lovers can simply opt for buying any artwork to remember their trip for the whole life. Pick the best artwork and admire it after getting back home. Craft marks are the perfect place to indulge in art shopping. If you are searching for the best place for artwork shopping, then head to Crafty Foxy Markets. Plan a trip to London with American Airlines Reservations and fly at budget-friendly fares.

Grab a unique souvenir from London and cherish beautiful memories forever.

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