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United Airlines Cancellation Policy?

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Have you ever cancelled your United Airlines ticket while traveling to somewhere? If so, you must be knowing the flight change policies of United Airlines.

Changing or canceling flights is not a process that everyone is comfortable doing. There is no such person who would like to cancel their flight, especially when they are heading for a vacation. But at times, situations make you bound to take such decisions where you need to cancel a flight, whether you want or not. Thus, each and every person must be well aware of the United Airlines cancellation policy so that you don’t end up paying more in the process.

The United Airlines ticket cancellation policy hugely depends on the category of ticket that you had purchased while booking the flight. When a situation arises, where you need to cancel your reservation, you will be entitled to receive a full refund of the amount you have spent in booking the flight ticket. Depending on the type of ticket, you might also get a partial refund or at times no money at all.

Thus, it is very important to find out and read the cancellation policy set by the United Airlines. Once you thoroughly understand the United Airlines cancellation policy that is associated with the fare you are going to book, then only proceed with the booking.

What are flight delays and Cancellation?

According to the United Airlines flight cancellation policy, your flights can be cancelled or delayed due to certain unpredictable situations like air traffic control problems, bad weather and mechanical issues. Whenever any such situation like any delay or cancellation occurs, the airlines will do its best to provide full safety to its passengers.

If your flight gets canceled by the airline, then

  • You will receive a refund from the United Airlines reservations official website.
  • The compensation that you receive will entirely depend on the type of situation due to which the flight got cancelled.
  • The airlines will also give you the food vouchers, if your flight got canceled due to bad weather, air traffic control or any other unavoidable circumstances.
  • You will also be eligible to get the discounted rates at nearby hotels.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy for Cancel Ticket?

You can take a look at the United Airlines flight ticket cancellation policy mentioned below in details.

24-Hour Flexible Booking Policy

According to the United Airlines 24-hour flexible booking policy, a passenger is eligible to get a full refund of the fare if they cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking. Suppose you have booked a flight with United Airlines at 8 p.m, you are liable to get a full refund if you cancel the ticket before the clock strikes 8 again the next day. According to this policy, you can also make changes in your flight itinerary within 24 hours of booking without paying in fee.

Refundable Tickets

banner numberIf you have purchased a United Airlines refundable ticket , you have the right to cancel your flight at any moment sans paying any fee. Buying a refundable ticket also gives you the facility to get a full refund of the original ticket fare. You should also know that refundable tickets are much more expensive than the non-refundable ones. The advantage of booking a refundable air ticket is that you can atleast stay in peace that even if your flight gets canceled, you will get back all your money. You need to wait for seven days to get a refund.

According to Frommer’s, the U.S. Department of Transportation has regulated a policy that the money you have spent on buying the ticket will be credited to your account by the airlines within seven days of receiving an application for a refund.

Nonrefundable Tickets

If you purchase a non-refundable United Airlines ticket, you are not eligible to get any refund on cancelling your flight.You can use the money against a new ticket but you have to pay a fee for this change ranging between $50 and $150, at the time of publication. The amount that you have to pay depends on your destination you have chosen to fly and the type of change you are making.

According to the United Airlines cancellation refund policy, you are eligible for a refund when you cancel your flight due to some unforeseen events like the death of a traveling companion or an immediate family member, or jury duty. During such unpredictable situations, you need to make an application to issue your refund by paying a processing fee of $50 at the time of publication.

 Thus, the next time you book a flight, do keep in keep in the United Airlines cancellation policy so that your money does not go in waste if you have to cancel your flight.

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