When is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Hawaii and Why?

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Best Time of the Year to Visit Hawaii

Are you planning to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii? If you ever make a plan to visit these magical islands, do remember to check the weather of the island for the time you are visiting.

The Hawaiian Islands is no less than a paradise and it is almost everyone’s dream to witness the beauty of this island. The first thing you want to know while planning a holiday is the ideal time to visit the Hawaiian Islands. In order to know the suitable time for visiting the islands, you need to closely follow the weather forecast of the place. You should also determine the islands you want to visit, get to know whether there are any festivities going on in that period or events taking place and also get an idea of the cost of hotels and airfares during that time. Book cheap flights to Hawaii now.

Hawaii island

The islands have a tropical climate but the weather in Hawaii do not remain same all throughout the year. The dry season in Hawaii stretches from April to October and the rainy season starts in November and goes on till march. But you should know that even the rainy season in the islands can be dry due to severe drought conditions.

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Here are the Best Season to Visit Hawaii

Weather in Hawaii


You can find the summer season in Hawaii quite hot and humid, especially in places like Honolulu and Waikiki. You can rarely find any hurricane in the hurricane season that starts from June and ends in November. For your information, the last major storm that hit Hawaii was Hurricane Iniki, that caused severe damage and destruction in Kauai in September 1992.

You can find the perfect weather in the months of April, May, September, and October. It is also that time of the year when you can get hold of some good travel deals. During this time, most of the Americans are in school or work during these months, as a result the price of hotels and flights remain relatively low compared to the summer and winter vacation months.

Peak Season in Hawaii

Peak Season in Hawaii

Summer is the time when you will get to see many families around the islands vacationing and enjoying the charm of the islands. Most of the schools remain closed in most part of the United States and the people go out of their houses vacationing in several parts of the country. Even in Hawaii, the school remains shut during this time and thus, the most popular beaches on every island remain crowded during the vacation months and also the last two weeks of December when all the school students are enjoying their winter vacation. The flight prices also remains expensive during this peak season that ranges from December to mid-April. Similarly, you won’t be able to find any reasonable accommodation during this period of mid- December to mid-April. Book Spirit airlines reservations at discount rate only from trusted site.

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